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Our church bell that still calls us to worship was purchased with money from Aunt Kitty and Uncle Ben (Gore) Sandridge who were charter members and former slaves. It was installed in the First Baptist Church building at 4th and Washington in 1865. Then moved to a new church building at 6th and Washington in 1886. Since 1973, the bell has been housed and utilized at our Parkside First Baptist Church Location at 300 Potter Drive.

Our rich 160-year history provide a Biblical foundation for the next generation of leaders at Parkside First Baptist Church. We give God the Glory. We believe church history is valuable for the following reasons:

First, our church history can challenge us. The last two millennia are full of examples of men and women who have courageously lived out what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to make Him known to others. Many of these remained steadfast in their faith in spite of persecution, others braved hardship and danger to take the gospel to new regions, and not a few paid for their faith with their lives. We come away from such a study challenged to be faithful in living for Christ in our world. 

Second, our church history can encourage us, and ironically, this benefit is the converse of the previous one. Many times we turn the heroes of our faith into virtually flawless saints, people who were so faithful precisely because they were not like you and me, not prone to discouragement or temptation or lethargy. But a careful study of the lives of these people shows how flawed, how much like the rest of us, they were. There are no perfect people in the post-ascension history of Christianity. Yet those very ordinary people managed to persevere despite their failures, their discouragement, etc. We can come away from a study of their lives encouraged to persevere ourselves.

Third, our church history can teach us. Of course, our faith and doctrine are based on the Word of God, the Bible. But we do not look at the Bible as a completely strange book; we are the beneficiaries of the wisdom of previous generations of Christians who have thought carefully about the teaching of Scripture and have attempted to express it clearly and accurately. 

Fourth, our church history can help to show us who we are. The word "tradition" is somewhat of a negative term among evangelicals since we insist that we don't follow human traditions; we follow the Bible. But the fact is that our tradition, our heritage, has a profound impact on what we see when we look at the Bible. Maybe the greatest value of Parkside First Baptist Church history is that it can help us to see ourselves more clearly, and in doing so, to see how we can become even more faithful to Scripture in our teaching and our Christian lives.

For these four reasons, we find that our church history does matter. In fact, it is the history which, in part, allows us to see the Bible honestly and accurately, and hopefully, to be more faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in a lifetime of learning from history and building a new history.

Our Faithful Shepherds throughout our history
Rev. George J. Johnson 1849-1888
Rev. P.P. Biship 1858-1860
Rev. A.F. Willey 1860-1864
Rev. D.T. Carnahan 1865-1866
Rev. J.B. Fuller 1867-1870
Rev. L.W. Hayhurst 1871-1872
Rev. J.E. Hopper 1872-1877
Rev. J.C. Hurd 1878-1879
Rev. K.C. Spinney 1880-1883
Rev. A.H. Fuller 1884-1885
Rev. George J. Johnson 1886-1889
Rev. E.B. Rogers 1889-1892
Rev. E.B. Broddus 1893
Rev. O.C. Sarber 1894-1896
Rev. S.M. Foster 1896
Rev. R. Gartin 1896-1901
Rev. Edwin MacMinn 1901-1905
Rev. G.B. Simons 1905-1909
Rev. R.H. Barrett 1909-1915
Rev. W.H. Hutchinson 1915-1923
Rev. W.J. Diegelman 1923-1928
Rev. J.A. Riggs 1929-1935
Rev. W.C. Clark 1935-1937
Rev. J.T. Parker 1938-1945
Rev. O.P. Grobe 1946-1950
Rev. L.K. Eckols 1951-1958
Rev. Richard Smith 1958-1965
Rev. George S. Thompson 1966-1976
Dr. Bruce R. Pullen 1977-1984

Rev. Corwin Sanders Interim 1984-1985 
Dr. Edwin J. Simon 1985-1993
Rev. John Woodin Interim 1993-1994
Rev. Tyrone Henderson 1994-2005
Rev. Jack Edmisson Interim 2005
Pastor Marshall Jackman 2005-2010
Pastor Jay Clover,
Interim 2011
Pastor Rob Carleton 2011-2013

Pastor James F. Lange Interim 2013
Pastor Marshall Jackman 2014-2017
Pastor Jay Clover, Interim 2017